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What we do 

Patrol Ride-Along Team 

Team members ride along with deputies on patrol. Team members perform functions of Chaplain in death notifications, family crisis assistance and any other duties Officer can utilize while on patrol. This is the best opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with officers and our community members who have suffered tragedy or loss.  As the time is spent in confidence, this is where lasting friendships and mutual support is fostered. When the experience of the job is shared '"real-time" there is a much greater understanding of both roles and a kindred spirit amongst Officer and Chaplain. The only way to truly understand what people feel and experience is by being there. 

Callout and Follow-Up

Callout and follow-up with victims of crime or tragedy in our community - Through the callout or ride along process, opportunities to “stand in the gap” when these events occur as representatives of Law Enforcement, and truly show love and support for loved ones and affected individuals. These opportunities range from providing information for next steps, counseling, grief support and much more, even on occasion to preforming funerals and memorial services when needed. All the while this function is assisting Officers with their “function as Law Enforcement” while at the scene and expressing genuine concern for our community members and building bonds with our Officers should the need ever arise for them. 

Major Incident Team 

This team is specifically available for any and all major incident callouts. This would be an inccident of the magnitude of an officer injury or death, mass-casualty shooting, school incident or any type of natural of intentional disaster event. Team members actively participate in training and certification for CISM, FEMA and any available Office of Emergency Management training. Team members recognize and accept 24/7 possibility of callout.

Emergency Communications 

Due to the intense nature of the dispatch environment, this is a place for “ministry of presence”. Dispatchers do not have the luxury of leaving the “call” and driving to a solitary space for reflection or relief and most times they are needed to be back on the phone even after a “hard call”. By spending console time with the Dispatchers, relationships are forged that makes individual and small group time away from the office possible. 

Community Events 

NIPOCA plans to have regularly scheduled events of different sizes and scopes to bring members of all agencies and support teams together to illuminate commonality between departments, roles, and ranks for the purpose of building trust, cooperation, respect and camaraderie with each other and our community.


NIPOCA works to integrate additional groups into this effort which include but are not limited to, Spousal support groups (Wives behind the badge etc.), Local Churches, Coroners Office, Prosecutors Office, Span of North Idaho, SIDS Foundation, Kootenai Behavioral Health, The Crisis Center, Safe Passage, Local Funeral Homes and many more.

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